Linear v2 - With 24 V DC motor
  • AttributeValue
    Mounting positions for application modules1
    Electrical connection4 mm banana plugs
    Pneumatic connectionTube with 4 mm outer diameter
    Operating voltage24 VDC
    Operating pressure6 bar
    ControllerSiemens CPU 1512SP
    HMISiemens Simatic TP700 Comfort
    I/O for base module8 DI / 8 DQ on board
    7 DI / 2 DQ / 2 AI via IO-Link
    BeltStopper: pneumatic
    4x Carrier detection & identification: inductive
    2x Carrier detection: capacitive
    2x Coupling sensors: optical (1x sender + 1x receiver each)
    Belt drive24 VDC motor
    bi-directional controller with slow and high speed
    RFIDSiemens RF210R read/write head via IO-Link
    Dimenions, without HMI (H x W x D)700 mm x 350 mm x 205 mm

  • Integrated PLC
    TRUE = Start button pushed+P1-SF1Bool%I1.0
    FALSE = Stop button pushed (n.c.)+P1-SF2Bool%I1.1
    Control panel function switch (FALSE = F1, TRUE = F2)+P1-SF3Bool%I1.2
    TRUE = Reset button pushed+P1-SF4Bool%I1.3
    TRUE = Carrier detected at stopper position (corresponds to ident code bit 0)+G1-BG1Bool%I1.4
    FALSE = Emergency stop button pushed (n.c.)+P1-SF5Bool%I1.5
    TRUE = Carrier detected at conveyor entry+G1-BG5Bool%I1.6
    TRUE = Carrier detected at conveyor exit+G1-BG6Bool%I1.7
    TRUE = Carrier ident code bit 0 detected+G1-BG1Bool%I42.0
    TRUE = Carrier ident code bit 1 detected+G1-BG2Bool%I42.1
    TRUE = Carrier ident code bit 2 detected+G1-BG3Bool%I42.2
    TRUE = Carrier ident code bit 3 detected+G1-BG4Bool%I42.3
    Switch S1 on 'A': TRUE = Encoder A signal detected
    S1 on 'R': FALSE = Coupling signal right detected
    +G1-KG1 oder +G1-BG7Bool%I42.4
    Switch S2 on 'B': TRUE = Encoder B signal detected; S2 on 'L': FALSE = Coupling signal left detected+G1-KG2 oder +G1-BG8Bool%I42.5
    TRUE = Stopper cylinder in lower end position+G1-BG9Bool%I42.7
    Control panel potentiometer 1 (0 - 10 V, 8 bit conversion)+P1-RA1Byte%IB45
    TRUE = Switch on start button signal light+P1-PF1Bool%Q1.0
    TRUE = Switch on reset button signal light+P1-PF2Bool%Q1.1
    TRUE = Switch on special function Q1 signal light+P1-PF3Bool%Q1.2
    TRUE = Switch on special function Q2 signal light+P1-PF4Bool%Q1.3
    TRUE = Drive belt in forward direction+G1-QA1-A1Bool%Q1.4
    TRUE = Drive belt in reverse direction+G1-QA1-A2Bool%Q1.5
    Select belt speed (FALSE = normal, TRUE = slow)+G1-QA1-A3Bool%Q1.6
    TRUE = Move stopper cylinder down+G1-MB1Bool%Q1.7
    TRUE = Send coupling signal left+G1-GF1Bool%Q42.4
    TRUE = Send coupling signal right+G1-GF2Bool%Q42.5

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