General data

Electrical connection24-pin IEEE 488 female (SysLink)
Pneumatic connectionTube with 4 mm outer diameter
Operating voltage24 VDC
Operating pressure6 bar
I/O8 DI / 7 DO
Z-axisPneumatically actuated linear slider
Length: 80 mm
2 end position sensors
Revolving axisPneumatic
0 - 210 °, continuous
Torque: 1,25 Nm
2 end position sensors
Dimenions (H x W x D)525 mm x 280 mm x 180 mm

PLC inputs & outputs for the application module

Digital inputs
DescriptionReference tag CP Lab addressCP Factory address
TRUE = Lifting cylinder in upper end position+GM-BG1%I0.0%I2.0
TRUE = Lifting cylinder in lower end position+GM-BG2%I0.1%I2.1
TRUE = Turning cylinder at 0°+GM-BG3%I0.2%I2.2
TRUE = Turning cylinder at 180°+GM-BG4%I0.3%I2.3
TRUE = Gripper open+GM-BG5%I0.4%I2.4
TRUE = Gripper closed+GM-BG6%I0.5%I2.5
TRUE = Lifting cylinder travel blocked by pallet+GM-BG7%I0.6%I2.6
TRUE = Work piece present+GM-BG8%I0.7%I2.7
Digital outputs
DescriptionReference tag CP Lab addressCP Factory address
TRUE = Move lifting cylinder up+GM-MB1%Q0.0%Q2.0
TRUE = Move lifting cylinder down+GM-MB2%Q0.1%Q2.1
TRUE = Turn turning cylinder counterclockwise+GM-MB3%Q0.2%Q2.2
TRUE = Turn turning cylinder clockwise+GM-MB4%Q0.3%Q2.3
TRUE = Open gripper+GM-MB5%Q0.4%Q2.4
TRUE = Close gripper+GM-MB6%Q0.5%Q2.5
TRUE = Open lifting cylinder end position lock+GM-MB7%Q0.6%Q2.6

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