Are you ready for Industry 4.0?

As many companies these days, you are probably also faced with the following questions:

  • How well is your production and its processes prepared for the digital transformation?
  • What is your current status as an organization?
  • And how do you qualify your employees for the digital future?

Industry 4.0 describes a fundamental change: It combines traditional production methods with state-of-the-art information and communication technology. Intelligent, digitally networked systems will enable self-managing production processes possible and improve both efficiency and quality.

Industry 4.0 is changing the future of manufacturing and affects the organization and the people who work in it. Thereby, the company-based qualification for Industry 4.0 becomes a key success factor for industrial companies. Have you already started?

If you want to get a first indication of your company’s digital maturity, let’s start with our Industry 4.0 Quick Check.

To make your journey into the digital future easy, we support you with Industry 4.0 Assessment.

What can you expect from the Quick Check:

General information about your company
This information serves as a data basis for further statistical evaluations.
Your Industry 4.0 targets
Choose three relevant targets from different options, for which you would like to receive initial recommendations for action at the end of the Quick Check.
Questions in five different assessment categories
We identify a first maturity level for you based on 15 questions.
Evaluation and recommendations for action
At the end, the evaluation and the corresponding recommendations for action are presented to you.

Personal data

Please fill out the fields below to start the Quick Check.

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The Industry 4.0 Assessment from Festo
Training and Consulting:

Together with you, we define which aspects of Industry 4.0 bring added value to your company and which actions you can take to achieve your objectives in the short, medium and long terms.

For two days, we will work together with you and your experts from various departments to evaluate the Industry 4.0 maturity level of your company. As part of Festo Group, we have developed this assessment based on the experience that we have collected in numerous consulting projects.

Not only technologies and production-oriented topics are important to us, but also the objectives you have defined as a company. We focus on how you can have everyone involved on this journey; starting with the strategy through to the employees.

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