General data

Electrical connection24-pin IEEE 488 female (SysLink)
Ethernet RJ45
Operating voltage24 VDC
I/O3 DI / 1 DO
Vision SystemFesto SBOC-Q-R2C
Sensor: colour sensor
Resolution: 752 x 480 pixel
Interfaces: Ethernet; CANopen
2 digital inputs / 3 digital outputs
Integrated controller: CoDeSys; IEC 61131-3
Frame rate: 150 frames/sec.
Protection class: IP65
Image processing softwareRIO tool: pixel-based comparison, range, dimension, position, rotation
Contour tool: contour deviation, rotation
Measuring tool: length, distance, diameter, angle
Configuration tool: signals, frame rate, amplification, output functions
Analysis tool: statistics, evaluations, test programs
Diagnostic display: features, errors
Dimensions (H x W x D)605 mm x 350 mm x 195 mm

PLC inputs & outputs for the application module

Digital inputs
DescriptionReference tag CP Lab addressCP Factory address
TRUE = Camera ready+BX-BX1:O3%I0.3%I2.3
TRUE = Inspection passed+BX-BX1:O1%I0.4%I2.4
TRUE = Inspection failed+BX-BX1:O2%I0.5%I2.5
Digital outputs
DescriptionReference tag CP Lab addressCP Factory address
TRUE = Trigger camera+BX-BX1:I0%Q0.3%Q2.3

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