Transfer System Module

  • Pin Allocation Table
  • ID ET200SP Profinet‑Device Designation
    +BDG IP-Adresse: Installation location
    -8B1 I1.0 Coupling sensor receiver
    (0 = right follow-up conveyor is occupied)
    -1B1 I1.4 Through-beam sensor at beginning of the transfer line
    -S5 I1.5 Emergency stop button, transfer line
    -1B3 I1.6 Through-beam sensor at end of the transfer line
    -8K1 Q1.0 SensLInk sender (1=transferline is busy)
    -2Q1_A1 Q1.4 Conveyor drive clockwise rotation (forward)
    -2Q1_A2 Q1.5 Conveyor drive counter-clockwise rotation (backward)
    -2Q1_A3 Q1.6 Conveyor drive slow speed
    -2Q1_STO Q1.7 Conveyor drive stop