Robotino SIM is a simulation environment for experimenting with Robotino. Robotino SIM offers you a virtual Robotino in an exciting virtual experimentation environment. You can control the Robotino with Robotino View and experience fascinating adventures - free for beginners!

A selection of Robotino SIM's features:

  • Simulation of behavior of Robotino
    (with Robotino SIM Professional also from more than one Robotino)
  • Physics simulation based on NVIDIA® PhysX®
  • Integrated simulation of sensors
    bumper, distance sensors, camera, optical sensors, inductive sensor
  • Controlled by Robotino View or via the
    programming interface for C ++, JAVA, .Net, LabVIEW, MATLAB / Simulink, ROS
  • Development of individual simulation models with Robotino SIM Professional

Follow this link to the latest version of Robotino SIM Professional:

  • 1.5 fixes recent issue when accessing networked licenses
  • Update from August 6th fixes critical issue with saving scenes

  • Installation
    Here you will find the current setup of the freely available version of Robotino SIM Demo:

    For the versions of Robotino until 2013 please use the following setup of version 1.2 of Robotino SIM Demo: