Robotino is equipped with a gyroscope, which is used to increase the accuracy of positioning. For this, the gyroscope determines the change in the orientation of Robotino.


The gyroscope is activated in the delivery condition.

Assembly and

The gyroscope is installed and connected in the control unit on the control board.


As soon as Robotino's operating system recognizes the gyroscope, its signal is used to correct the position determination based on the drive system (odometry). Programming by the user is not required.


Gyroscopes measure angular velocities based on angular momentum conservation. If one attempts to rotate a rotating object about an axis other than that about which it rotates, it exerts a torque opposite to the motion, so that the total angular momentum is maintained. The forces generated by this torque are measured in a gyroscope at the suspension points of a gyroscope. Since mechanical gyroscopes are too large, heavy and fragile, digital gyroscopes have been developed in recent years that are no larger than a one-euro-coin but with extreme accuracy.

Technical Documentation

Robotino uses a CruizCore R6093U gyroscope.