The infrared distance sensors make it possible to determine the distance to objects around Robotino. Robotino has a total of nine infrared sensors arranged at an angle of 40 ° to each other around the base.

Each distance sensor supplies a voltage value in volts whose magnitude depends on the distance to a reflecting object.


The distance sensors are designed for industrial use and therefore always reachable.

Assembly and connection

The distance sensors are installed in the lower area of the chassis and connected to the power electronics board. Three sensors each are connected via a ribbon cable.


The infrared distance sensor allows accurate relative distance measurements of an object between 4 cm and 30 cm. Its peculiarity is its easy connection, which consists only of power supply and an analogue output signal. Its evaluation electronics measures the distance and outputs it via an analogue voltage signal.

The diagram shows the dependence of the voltage value of a distance sensor on the distance to a reflecting object. Since the voltage drops off very close objects, the sensor can not detect objects under 4 cm.

Technical Documentation

The used infrared distance sensor GP2Y0A41SK0F comes from the company Sharp.