The RGBD camera (depth measurement system) from Robotino consists of several camera modules. On the one hand a conventional webcam delivers a live image, which can be evaluated for navigation as well as for obstacle and object detection.

In addition, it has an infrared projector and 2 infrared imagers, which record depth values for each pixel in the image. The captured 3D values are projected onto a horizontal 2D plane to determine the distance to obstacles like in a 2D laser scan.


Configure the resolution and further parameters of the camera in Robotino View or via the interface parameters of the programming language used.

assembly and connection

The camera is attached to the front panel of Robotino with a mounting bracket and connected to the control unit via a USB interface. For optimal data transfer a USB 3.0 interface must be used.

Technical documents

Robotino is equipped with the Intel Realsense D435. The documentation of the camera is a very useful resource. Also the Website of the Intel Realsense SDK 2.0 is very helpful.