The Robotino bumper bar ensures that in the event of a collision, program execution and movement are interrupted.


In the web interface of Robotino you can deactivate the program interruption when switching the shock bar. This safety function is activated by default.

Assembly and connection

The bumper is attached to the bottom edge of the Robotino chassis and connected to the power electronics board.


The collision protection sensor of the Robotino is a so-called safety edge. This safety edge consists of a plastic profile of different shapes with integrated switching chamber. There are two separate conductive areas in the switching chamber. These are short-circuited when the safety edge is pressed and thus generate a signal for the evaluation device. The safety edge used in the Robotino operates according to the quiescent current principle so that a possible cable break can be detected and the Robotino can be stopped. The quiescent current is an electrical current that flows continuously in a circuit, even if it is not active. If this current does not flow, there is a cable break or destruction of the safety edge.

Technical documents

The SK EKS011 bumper bar comes from Mayser.