The height adjustment is a formed sheet metal part made of stainless steel. The shape corresponds to a three-sided prism with an opening on one side, which extends over the entire length. Furthermore there is a small adapter plate at one end.

The height adjustment allows you to adjust the height of the components attached to the adapter plate or the segments (including attached components to the segment).

The height adjustment is attached to the assembly tower. The height is infinitely adjustable, except for the segment. There are defined positions here.

The adapter plate can be tilted easily via the lateral screws. It has a hole (├ś40mm) in the middle for cable entry.


  • If present, remove the cover and mounted segments from the assembly tower.
  • Carefully position the height adjustment on the Robotino┬« assembly tower.
  • Place the six supplied M5x10 panhead screws with matching washers on the free threads. Use 2 screws on each side.
  • Set the desired height and tighten the screws.