This version of the electric gripper is designed for mounting on the height-adjustable tower top. The gripper detects workpieces between the gripper jaws by an integrated light barrier. Via two slide switches the gripper detects a parallel alignment to the pickup position. The gripper drive has an internal force measurement and thus detects the end positions and the workpiece to be gripped. An adjustment for one workpiece is therefore not necessary. On the bottom of the gripper is the handshake for 1-bit communication between Robotino and e.g. an MPS station. An interface box is required for electrical connection. The electric gripper is controlled entirely by digital signals.

Technical documents



gripper stroke

20 mm

maximum workpiece diameter

50 mm

maximum workpiece weight

300 g

gripping force

200 N

Closing / opening time

2 s

operating voltage

24 V DC

maximum current

1 A