General data

Electrical connectionPower supply terminal
Ethernet RJ45
Pneumatic connectionTube with 4 mm outer diameter
Operating voltage24 VDC
Operating pressure6 bar
ControllerFesto CECC-LK
I/O8 DI / 7 DO
Connected to internal controller
X-axisLinear, pneumatic
Stroke: 120 mm
Position detection: 2 end position sensors
Z-axisLinear, pneumatic
Stroke: 40 mm
Position detection: 2 end position sensors
Drilling unitTwin drill head
Drive: 24 VDC
Max. drilling diameter: 2 mm
Current limiter: 3 A
Drilling distance: 40 mm
Dimensions (H x W x D)520 mm x 365 mm x 215 mm

Inputs & outputs on the intelligent CECC controller of the application module

Digital inputs
DescriptionReference tag CECC pinCECC address
TRUE = X-Axis in left end position+VN-BG1X2.0%IX0.0
TRUE = X-Axis in right end position+VN-BG2X2.1%IX0.1
FALSE = Front cover orientation correct+VN-BG3X2.2%IX0.2
TRUE = Front cover present+VN-BG4X2.3%IX0.3
TRUE = Z-Axis in upper end position+VN-BG5X2.4%IX0.4
TRUE = Z-Axis in lower end position+VN-BG6X2.5%IX0.5
TRUE = Back cover already present+VN-BG8X2.7%IX0.7
FALSE = Emergency stop switch pushed (n.c.)+K1-24VNAX3.5%IX1.5
Digital outputs
DescriptionReference tag CECC pinCECC address
TRUE = Move X-axis left+VN-MB1X4.0%QX0.0
TRUE = Move X-axis right+VN-MB2X4.1%QX0.1
TRUE = Switch on drill 1+VN-MB3X4.2%QX0.2
TRUE = Switch on drill 2+VN-MB4X4.3%QX0.3
TRUE = Move z-axis up+VN-MB5X4.4%QX0.4
TRUE = Move z-axis down+VN-MB6X4.5%QX0.5
TRUE = Open z-axis end position lock+VN-MB7X4.6%QX0.6

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