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Here you can find the CIROS setups for Microsoft Windows.

To run the full version of CIROS you need a respective license of CIROS Education or CIROS Studio.

Added in our latest version 6.4:

  • renovated renderer with improved resource management.
  • Support for multi-touch including guestures.
  • Improved PLC SIM Advanced interface (requires 2.0 SP 1)
  • Added 3 examples for PLC SIM Advanced at "Festo PLC Sim Advanced" library section.
  • Execute Python scripts during Simulation.
  • Replaced IO-dashboard for improved experience.
  • Extended robot library to include more than 1.100 robots from 17 manufacturers
  • Completely new and interactive camera control
  • With CIROS® 6.4 we do not support Ciros Supervision or the operatoin of iCIM models anymore.

The current Setup for CIROS® 6.4.6 includes:

  • Python 3.7.5
  • CP-Lib 4.15. Requires matching license for CP-Lib.
  • Optional: MES4 Requires matching license for MES4.

Updates from 6.4.4. include

  • Fixed critical bug with OPC Core components - OPC examples are once again working properly.
  • Smaller fixes in CP-library to improve performance with high performance computers.
  • Education: non-configured controllers are now shown by default. Corresponding option - Application options->Modelling->PLC Switch

System requirements:
  • Intel Core i5 (7. Generation or equivalent)
  • 8 GB, 200 GB SSD (or better)
  • Windows 10 1709 64-Bit or later release version
  • Intel HD 530 or better for showing small-models like MPS Robot Station
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or better for showing large models and for using the included Virtual Reality feature.
  • CIROS® recommends and tests using HTC VIVE
  • CIROS® uses OpenVR. To run Ciros in Virtual Reality a free account at Steam is required.